Playlists and Moodboards

A collection of the additional playlists and moodboards for the Peaceforger books after they’re posted to social media.

Find the playlists made specifically for each book on the bottom of the books’ pages:


(Wee playlist I threw together for Katja: hacker, geek, resigned/reluctant hero-ish person, and main character in the Peaceforger Books.)


(Riley needs a playlist too: hacker, geek, reluctant hero, non-binary, hates bigots, loves drama and dancing.)


(Bryan too deserves a playlist: hacker, geek, determined hero, watches the watchers, macho bi, has meat skills.)


(Can’t deny Jonny a playlist: hacker, geek, pretty boy whose idealism leads to dark places and difficult choices.)


(Because Kitty is a cool cat: goth-ish party girl, feminist, seamstress, longer suffering and stronger than most.)


(Secure World Systems: Corp promising peace through security, security through peace. Fingers in everything; truths buried deep.)


(Playlist for Gran, as made by Katja, who knows how lucky she got being raised by this cool product of the 20th century.)

Rainbow of Track Marks

(Inspired by the original first line of Peace Maker and Mina’s daring rainbow. Colours and chemicals.)

Fishes, b*tches!

(Inspired by Riley’s exclamation in Peace Fire; let’s say zie made this list as a distraction whilst zir world went pear-shaped.)


(Otherworldly Zane. Are they the heretic & helper they claim or a clever infiltrator? How much do Katja & friends mess up by trusting them?)

Lex & Mina

(“Reformed” street drek, involuntary Peacemaker testers, red hot rebels, giddy participants in revolution. They will viciously & joyfully party the dystopia down.)


(Analog boy in a digital world. His loyalty is as strong as his fists. He will hide you. He will help you. Just keep the computers away from him.)

Fire in November

(Whilst not the songs played around the bonfire the first Fire in November, Katja and friends thought their new annual celebration deserved a playlist.)

Divine Community

(Sisters and brothers, let us playlist! True faith and pure intentions or fluff and ulterior motives? Only time will tell whether they’re divine or duplicitous. Welcome to Divine Community…)


(A little list to listen to and think of Isa, vibrant painter who might secretly be on the leading edge of heresy…at least if Zane is to be believed about her beliefs…)

And After, New Life

(In the event Katja and her friends win the day and find their After, what is a new life like?)